February 3, 2019

Group Training: the exercise class

They often say, 'their is strength in numbers' and I feel the same when it comes to group training. I *admittedly* will say, I haven't always liked group training or classes. When I first starting going to the gym I tried classes merely to get some more inspiration for my own workouts. I tried spin, bums & tums, pilates, HIIT, even Tai Chi! So yes, I have had my fair share of classes when I first started out. 




I think one of the reasons I didn't like group training at first was because I wasn't very confident in my abilities and was unsure what 'hard work' looked like. For example, when I trained on my own, I wasn't really pushing myself as hard as I probably could have. So when I entered a class and everyone was working harder than me, I felt dishearten and weak. Probably wasn't in the best mindset when I entered those classes. At the time, I wasn't going to the classes very consistency, and what I did find odd (at the time) was this send of community feel that everyone in the class knew each other really well. I loved that, but wasn't part of it. So made me feel a little left out of the social dynamics of the class. 


Although sometimes it can feel a little dating entering a new class for the first time not knowing everyone, however I promise (especially with fitness) consistency is key! Faces become familiar, classes become family, community becomes motivation. 

A few years later, I know what style of training I like, what style of trainer I like (makes a HUGE difference!) and now... I am the biggest advocate for group training. I really do believe in that community group aspect that you all work together to help motivate and push each other and not compete but inspire! I found that with the right group, training style and headspace you perform a workout like no other. 


For me, I have decided I love spin and functional group sessions. So when I was invited to F45 in Bristol for their opening I already brought my train ticket within minutes. Functional for me equals fun. I love the way in which your body is so dynamic and versatile with movements that within their workout you manage to perform in every which way your body can. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!? 

Not only are you performing to your best, but you also want everyone else in the session to perform as if you're one (and that gives me all the happy vibes from exercising!). As cliche as you might think, when you feel you're working in a team you do put in that extra bit of effort. 


No confidence to go to a class? 
I won't lie, I have been there where I have booked a class and not gone just because I was going on my own or I wasn't feeling confident within myself to perform. Start off by doing something that is simple - Spin is a really good easy choice. You pick a bike and no one will be looking at you (because they will all be focused on themselves on their own bike). Or try yoga, it's usually a very slowly paced class with lots of time to follow the moves and everyone tends to close their eyes (again no on will look at you).


Not only do I participate in group classes, I get to instruct them too!!! THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. This has become a job that I truly love and inspires me to wake up in the morning and think 'today, I am going to make someone happy'. How you ask? By making them work to their hardest! And within fitness that is the best present you can give someone (trust me!).


Another hot tip: Get to know the instructor!
I found that when I know the instructor well it brings together the whole group and you'll find it easier to get to know others in class (almost like the instructor is the parent) they will look after you and give you that extra bit of nudging to making sure you're having the most fun in the class. Also, they are the one bit of consistency guaranteed to be there at every class. So if you're unmotivated to go because your new workout pals aren't there tonight, do it for the instructor who is probably loving the fact they know YOU. 


If I could give piece of advice to someone who thinks they don't like exercise. TRY A CLASS! F45, zumba, yoga, kickboxing, spin, body pump, bootcamp... you WILL find a class you love (because there is simply so many options to choose from!).




Love Simply Martha x













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