January 4, 2019

I hear a big fitness myth. 'I'm not a proper runner'. 'I'm not really a runner'. I wanted to discuss this topic clearly and simply (Martha style)...


My name is Martha and this is why I am not a 'real' runner because...

- I don't track my records and progress on each run by 10% each run
- I don't run everyday

- I don't just run to train

- Sometimes I really don't enjoy a run
- Sometimes I take to shorter route home

- I don't wear shorts

- I don't wear 'proper' running gear

- I sing when I run
- I don't run for a club

- I smile and loose concentration 
- I run to the beat and have a very inconsistent pace

- I run 10 minute miles (or sometimes longer)

- I'm not quick

- I'm not sure what 'splits' are

- I sometimes run on a treadmill

- Sometimes I walk

- Sometimes I give up half way


What makes me a 'real' runner

- I RUN (duhhh!)




Let's debunk, unstigmatised (is that a word?) that being a real runner means you have to run everyday, making sure you're hitting the longest of distances each run, to enjoy each run and the thought of doing any other exercise is out of the question. THIS IS WRONG. A runner, is someone who gets on their trainers, picks a song, and gets out there. Runs or jogs? Maybe walks in-between songs. So what? Why does that make you less of a runner, than someone who chooses to run for a club or races against their own personal bests. 

I think running can be put on a pedal stool, maybe we often think as runners like Mo Farah or Paula Radcliffe where they run marathons after marathons, super lean, super focused, never show signs of weakness. Which is great... when you're paid to do it. Running doesn't have to be hard. Lassus not forget, running is a one of the oldest forms of exercise. Cavemen running away from threats. A mean of transport. Getting to A-B? Running is as hard as you make it. Yes, it can be long, yes it can get' boring'. But not to sound (too) rude. But that's because of you...


Who says running has to set at one pace, one route, one distance the whole way? Switch up running!

Make it what you want. Only like running short distances? Do interval running. Like running faster that Bolt? Sprints- hitting a target HR could be your thing.  Or, called me old fashioned, get your trainers on, plug your ears into a podcast and don't look back. Don't plan. Don't stress on how far. Listen to yourself and enjoy the moment of pure movement. 


If you do want to run, the ONLY thing I advise (whether you consider yourself a 'real' runner or not - hopefully this post has helped you with that decision) is please invest in some serious running trainers. Injuries don't look pretty on ANYONE!


run run runaway baby (can you guess the song though?!)


Simply Martha x





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