October 12, 2018

Mental Health - such a broad term and used a lot. BUT IS IT STILL TABOO? What does it even really mean?


Question: Are you mentally healthy?

This answer will change throughout your lifetime as no one is constantly consistent with mental health. Because as you experience life situations, your mental health is also affected. That's totally normal. 

So to answer the question. For me, being mentally healthy means knowing that whatever your current mental health status is, you're in control of it. You haven't let you head overtake your emotions. You haven't let it ruin or wreck how you feel. So much easier said then done but when you're mentally healthy - it means you can be a lot stronger in how you deal with your struggling times of your mental health. 


For example, if someone who never struggled with low mood, stress, feeling anxious etc. won't be mentally diverse or understand their emotions to control them enough to not let it take over everything. As someone who understands their emotions, I know how to manage them so I control them (and not the other way round). 

Life is about experiencing the very high ups and sadly the low lows and everything in-between! When we feel them, it means that our head is being stretched and used to our best capabilities of emotions. Which is healthy! 

Being mentally healthy for me is not that I am feeling 'normal', it's the fact that, if I started to feel stressed, anxious, worried, sad... I could cope with it. I'm not saying it is easy. However because I am mentally strong and understand exactly how to deal with the extreme emotions we may feel sometimes. I think we can take that for granted, especially if we see someone else suffering through it. 

Hopefully you can reflect whether your own mental health is at a great point or of you think it could do with lifting some more emotion muscle. You're head strong.


Smiles and laughter,


Simply Martha x












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