Sweet Potato Hummus Recipe

October 1, 2018


Sweet Potato- you can do no wrong, you are great on cold days when wrapped up in blankets on the sofa binge watching Orange is the New Black when you are a homemade wedge with guacamole. Or on a summer's day when baked with tuna and sweetcorn with a cold glass of lemonade. You satisfy the days when I need comfort eating and filling up from a long day of stress and worries. You are there when I need energy for a session at the gym logging around tyres and barbells. You can satisfy the days where I can blend you up in a soup for a light meal, you can even go great with veggies. You're the definition of  metamorphosis (sort of). You shapeshifting creature of beauty... What, am I professing my love for a potato? YES I AM!


If you've seen my recent 'What I Eat in a Day' video on Youtube (link here)   you'll have seen how much I LOVE hummus with a roasted veggie combination. I also try and add sweet potato into most of my dishes because well.... THEY ARE DELICIOUS! Now we are finally heading away from winter (I'll miss you- until autumn until we meet again). For me a hummus dips with cold said and veggies are the best transition from cold days to hot days. 



Sweet potato hummus

1 big sweet potato

2 tablespoons of tanhi 

1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar 

2 tsp basil 

2 tablespoon of water 

1 tsp of lazy garlic 



- Peel sweet potato skin and boil potato at a high temperature for 10-15 minutes (until very soft).


- Once boiled, use a hand mixer to blend potato until a creamy mush.

- Add the tanhi, garlic and 1 tablespoon of water, blend altogether.

- Add the apple cider vinegar and basil (blend with a fork or spoon)


-(add the extra water if needed and too thick!)



Stored in a airtight container for up to 3-4 days. Add extra water to add moisture if lost.


Hope you enjoy my recipe of my favourite hummus at the moment... Obsessed!


Happy Hummus'ing


Simply Martha x 












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