5 Things I Want To Learn in My Second Year at University

September 23, 2018

Almost a year ago, one of my most popular blog posts was written; '5 Things I Want To Do In First Year at University'.After reading it again just before I start second year (I can't believe as whole year has been and gone?!?) It has made me 1) proud of how much I did achieve in first year (so many things I didn't even plan on doing) 2) excited to make the most of second year and get my name OUT THERE! 


I love making lists, plans, plans to make plans, organisation - IT'S JUST SO ME! Making that blog post not only helped me plan some (low-key) goals and ideas I wanted to accomplish but also subtly structured what I wanted to get most of first year. Reflecting back was the nicest to see, so if you don't currently make yearly plans - please start!!


Second year - what do I want from you?


I got a small taste of this during my summer. I want to take experiences that are handed to me or serve them myself. I want to live so that I have a story to tell others, something to laugh about laughter. I don't want to worry about university work and let that suck the fun of actually being at university (because I believe university is far beyond the degree!). Let's travel abroad, lets go to mini golf, lets revise outside until the moon sets, lets plan hide and seek in the woods- lets enjoy the moments whilst they're here and don't let 'UNIVERSITY' dictate the year.


*my kind of adventure means anything that isn't my 'normal' routine. I don't set myself high expectations!

**the first thing I plan on achieving is cycling to university at least twice a week. Bath is really pretty and has perfect cycle routes. I know this doesn't sound adventurous to you- but I am looking forward to getting my helmet on and seeing a beautiful view as I ride.


2. Grow my confidence to say 'NO'

After a massive paragraph on saying I am going to have adventure after adventure, I know the only way to keep that sustainable is by saying no to some things that I know won't be worth the stress of cramming everything in. After a year of people asking 'shall I go out?' with the same heart-hearted response of 'maybe' (with the my head screaming the same 'HELLS NO') I didn't like the idea of looking like I wasn't fun or didn't want to not make friends or isolate myself. I want to become more confident to say 'no thank you- going out isn't my thing, but lets do something else!',  there is nothing wrong about not going to clubs or drinking till you can't see the floor.  


This year I have the chance to discover the areas of the nutrition sector I may want to develop my skills in. After deciding just over a year ago that nutrition was the industry I wanted to pursue, I was (and still) unsure as to what area I want to practice in. Investigating the areas of the industry from clinics to factories, lets discover who I want to be. First year wasn't about thinking about the end goal, it's about getting the basics under your belt (and the massive transition is so big- its the last thing you want to think about). Second year I've settled in now so means I can start to plan my end goals.


I never really discuss love. I don't have much confidence when to comes to expressing how I feel about love. I don't date. I don't explore learning to find someone who I could care for on a deeper level. I get really embarrassed, shy and uncomfortable chatting about the topic. But this is what I would really like to change. I would like to become more comfortable with the subject.  Not be a mass dater!! No No, that is not my style, however I would like to put myself out there more. Even if was just to gain more friendships! This summer, it showed me personality traits and characteristics that I get on with really well and people I can connect with better. I would like to seek more people like that - a good tribe helps your own vibe!


If you know me (very) well, you know I am a grade A worrier! I think it mostly gets worked up by myself and little brain that is racing around and 100mph. I am someone who will constantly fits in lots but with little time to do it all in. A busy person is someone I love being, because at one point in my life I didn't have ANYTHING! So now I am mentally healthy, I like to cram as much in. I stress over little things, because I find them important to me. I would like to become someone that goes with the flow, when life throws up a curve ball. 



Whether you're about to head off into your first or third year its never too late to learn something about yourself at university. So many life lessons to be learnt whilst moving through such an exciting part of your life like uni.


Enjoy second year with me!


Simply Martha x












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