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July 12, 2018

2018 and we are finally sorting out the planet with changing our everyday single-use plastic offenders and unsustainable living with becoming more conscious of how our everyday actions cause a significant long- term changes to our planet. WE CAN DO THIS! I have always been somewhat conscious of my carbon footprint and food wastage, although a few years ago I wouldn't have understood the effects and mass plastic consumption that is imposed on our life, whether we realise or not. 


Why not combine sustainable living and health together. It's funny, although I am super fit and healthy I am also a 'cut corners' 'lazy' 'find the quickest way possible' kinda gal too! I think being healthy and helping the planet can actually be more simple and a 'quicker' way of life than we think. 


For example, why wait for a bus, when you can out run it? Why buy a water bottle, when you can already have one with you? Why buy a plastic bag, when you already own some? Why wait in line and buy some food, when you already have enough at home? IT ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE TO BECOME MORE SUSTAINABLE?!?


Want to be healthy? Want to save the planet? Lets kill two bus journeys with one pair of trainers.


Increase your N.E.A.T. Reduce your CO2

As I said before, I have already preferred to use my walking legs rather than transport (as long of course it is in walking distance and safe to do so). What is walking distance? For me as long as I have enough time to get to A-B when walking then that is walking distance! It can be up to 1 1/2 hours, but for me I prefer to increase steps then mph. What is N.E.A.T.? Non- Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. This is all the activity we do without realising we are using energy. Walking, gardening, washing up, making the bed etc.. If you would like to live a healthier life (hello.... that what this blog is all about?!?) then increase your N.E.A.T. Something that particularly annoys me is when people choose to take the bus or car when walking would actually be the quicker option. Saturday morning traffic? NIGHTMARE! Walking doesn't have that issue. Using your legs to get yourself around can be the option that is 1) quicker 2) healthier for both you and planet 3) better for mindset (taking in fresh O2 is great for brain function!) 4) increasing your activity levels 5) Listen to an exciting new podcast (see my blog post as why podcasts are AWESOME!) 6) interact with your world + city! Have we forgotten to actually experience walking within our own city and home? Laziness has gotten to the best of us, lets calm back our own horse power... WALKING!



This is a classic easy swap from using a lift or escalator to the stairs. Not only will using the stairs be reducing the electricity usage you 'metaphorically' consume but also using the stairs is a great way to work on your glutes! TIP: Take 2 stars at a time, this activates the glute muscles more and adds an extra stretch for you too!


Bring your bags, functional training 101

Since the added 5p on to every plastic bag has come into place, I think as a nation we are getting better and reducing the plastic waste. Not only is bringing your bags going to 1) help reduce your own plastic wastage. 2) far cheaper! 3) functional training at it's best!!! Never lifted weights before, well know that you don't have to worry about plastic bags splitting halfway through unloading you can know add all the bags and challenge yourself to lift as many as possible! (Just me who loves a good challenge?!).


look mamma-
Feel smug with a lunchbox

Lunch boxes, practical, cheaper, reduces plastic packaging and healthier! Let's get back into the lunchbox days, the reason lunch (or dinner!) boxes are so great is because instead of rushing to find a quick sandwich that is wrapped in bundles of useless plastic and waste you can prepare food in advance using a box that is re-useable and handy! Also buying food everyday costing £2-£3 adds up over the weeks and can be such an expense which is unnecessary. When you prepare a lunchbox you can control the foods and ingredients you add, therefore is far healthier- go healthy you!!!


Theses are just some ideas I include into my everyday life that are both healthy and sustainable for environment. Currently it is estimated by 2050 we will have more plastic in the sea than fish?!? THIS IS MADNESS! Swimming with plastic straws and cups doesn't look or sound as pretty as swimming next to gorgeous fish and sealife. Which is what it should be. Let's start making changes in the present, so hopefully this doesn't become our future.


Simply Martha x













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