July 1, 2018

It's easy to preach. It's easy to advise it. Do you really do it though? REALLY? 

You'd be surprised about how much our bodies actually tell us- yet we don't understand what its trying to say. It can seem like such an easy statement and message to follow and I'm not hear to tell you anything differently! (You thought I was about to say otherwise😉) 

A year ago if I listened to my body I would have been happier, less hungry and actually providing my body with what it needed... FUEL!

I mean yes, listening to your body can be as simple as eating when you're hungry, drinking water when you're thirsty, napping when you're tired. I don't want this post to be about something EVERY human does on a daily basis and pretend to be giving some 'inspirational' 'profound' idea. I'm not that preachy, I promise😂


Listening to my body was of the best quotes and mantras I have when it comes to healthy eating and living because being healthy is doing what is best for you right? So if that means you're going to bed hungry (as I often did during my ill days) then that's not healthy- clearly your body needs more, and that's okay. As I often did before, do not punish yourself or deprive your body of what it may need. 


DISCLAIMER- this is not an excuse to be greedy or overindulge ALL THE TIME... however to treat your self sometimes is perfectly healthy. No seriously it is😌💖

I have never been happier with my health, food and fitness. NEVER! I feel perfectly balanced, I feel full, energised and I've become the best version of myself in a long time.

Food is for happiness as well as health.

Mostly it's down to #listentoyourbody. I don't ever feel bad for having more food after dinner (only if I'm hungry) or having a rest day from the gym when I'm tired (sometimes this can be really difficult`) but I know its good for me. Evening having porridge for dinner if thats what I'm craving the most- LISTEN there is a reason your body is telling you something. Take it onboard, because no-one knows you better like yourself. 👂🙋💫👍



These days there are so many youtubers, fitness gurus, influences, social media hawks... it's overwhelming to say the least. I would like to mention one person that has the best message and is a true ambassador for #listentoyourbody - Sarah's Day 

Her philosophy and ethos is all about how when you listen to your body, eat to fill your tummy but also fill your soul. She also has an equally strong message of eating healthy can be accessible and easy for all (my total inspiration🌟 I fan girl hard) Having a role model that helps you feel inspired or share a strong message you believe in makes you feel supported, with the not so guilty feeling of having another bowl of food after dessert (because thats fuelling me soul🙆). I love the fact I am eat both healthy and enjoy my food and never feel guilty for eating more when I need to or having a break from life when it comes at 90 mph... 


Live your best life.


Honest and Simple,


Simply Martha 🌞🌻x





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