PODCASTS: Changing the game

June 17, 2018


I won’t lie, I never thought podcasts would be something I would enjoy. I wasn’t a big fan of the radio or ‘listen a- long' books. I didn’t really understand the point of them? Who do you listen to? When do you listen to them? Will I be able to keep up? 


Recently the serge of podcasts has become massive avenue for creators. The amount of new shows being uploaded every week is crazy. Like with TV shows not every podcast will suit you. I found podcasts that interest me the best are due to

1) learning something

2) humour

3) fitness and health related

I found fiction stories don’t work for me, interviews aren’t always something I find interesting unless I already know the person or are within a industry I like. Trial and error for many shows (especially ones that are often highly recommended too!). Once you’ve found the genre(s) you’re interested in, you’re hooked! I found podcasts a time for learning, laughter and time better spent then listening the mindless music. I found listening to podcasts during running sessions have worked extremely well for myself- I don’t think I’ll go back to listening to music ever again (whilst on a run that is ). You forget you’re running because you’re concentrating on what’s been said, and most of the time they’re long podcasts so means I can get in the zone and fully enjoy the whole show.


Shows I’m listening to….


Three Dumbbells Podcast

A show focused on fitness, fun and lots of joking around. Three guys; Matt, Seb and Fred host the show talking about topical stories within the fitness industry. As PT’s and well connected in the social media circle they often have guests within the fitness industry that join them to help discuss either life stories or business ventures. They give a funny lift to what can be an extremely serious industry. The friendship and banter between the guys makes the show very inviting and easy to listen to. Although three men host the show, it doesn’t effect a female from listening and also finding it relatable. Their knowledge of the fitness world makes it interesting, if that is something you find you want to listen to. 


Educating Josh

I relatively new podcast for me, but instantly enjoyed the format of the show and the topics discussed. A panel of 4 discuss topics from the media within the week and debate to ‘educate’ Josh in either agreeing or disagreeing with the view of that topic. I found this a great way to connect with the news, listening to other people’s opinions and I personally find it very insightful to hear opinions and views of topics. If you enjoy hearing debates, news stories and healthy arguments of different sides- this is a great show for that. The show lasts roughly 30 minutes so is a quick listen and can fill in those empty gaps such as walking from one place, waiting from transport/ appointments. 


My Dad Wrote a Porno

As the name suggests, this podcast is not for the faint hearted but extremely hilarious (many times I been literally been laughing out loud!). Jamie’s dad wrote an erotic novel and with the help of Alice and James read the book to break apart characters, meaning and overall critique. Which is absolutely hilarious! Although I have no interest in the story, the commentary is the humorous part of the podcast. WARNING: if listening in a public place be sure headphones do not fall out and holding in the laughter is at listeners own risk! 


The Health Code

Hosted by a youtuber couple Sarah’s Day and Kurt Tilse. They chat and discuss all things health, food, fitness, relationships and careers. My favourite youtube (Sarah), I was instantly in love. A holistic health approach Sarah shares her tips for healthy food and fitness perceptive. Kurt brings the more relatable side of the conversation adding business advice and motivation tips. Together they bring a good conversation about the health industry. I find listening to them needs to be fully concentrated on so whilst on a run is a good time to listen. 


Talking Tastebuds with Venetia Falconer

Although I said interviews aren’t my favourite, Talking Tastebuds has made me learn so much from industry’s finest with Venetia. Her interviewing skills are perfects asking relevant and interesting questions that get the interviewee thinking and expand on their knowledge. I have learnt so much and really enjoyed listening to experts within the health community from nutritionist, PT’s, doctors, Chiefs, health business entrepreneurs. Some inspiring, motivational, eye-opening conversations and topics discussed. This is a highly ‘MUST LISTEN’ if you’re interested in health and fitness.  


At the moment I try to keep my podcast list small. Reason for this is, I don’t want to get overwhelmed by trying to keep up with listening to  a lot of shows. I don’t have lots of time to listen to podcasts, so the ones I really want to catch up on I will reserve time for them. Don’t feel the need follow tons of shows. Find 1 or 2 great ones and that is sometimes all you need to really enjoy. I feel far more knowledgeable, self-aware, motivated and have different opinions and views on topics that I either didn’t know much about or feel more informed than before. Podcasts are great as multitasking can take place so don’t feel like time is wasted. I find it almost like being in a meditation mindset aspect. Total time out for myself to learn and reconnect with others. Nothing has been better than adding podcasts into my weekly routine. 


Hopefully you'll find a new love for podcasts like I have.


Simply Martha x



I have recently been listed as one f the Top 10 Healthy Living Lifestyle Blogs in the UK- https://blog.feedspot.com/uk_healthy_lifestyle_blogs/

Almost a year ago I set up Simply Martha with the intention to enjoy writing posts, showing how healthy living can be exciting! Hopefully I have shown this and a personal thank you to everyone that has read, liked, shared, commented on Simply Martha. 







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