Butterbean Hummus

May 25, 2018

I'm not going to lie I had to look up the spelling of 'hummus' and 'humous' - because I really don't know which spelling it was?!  Turns out you'll learn how to make this recipe AND know that the difference between the two spellings. To start both spelling are CORRECT, however 'hummus' is the more common spelling whereas 'humous' is the British way although this isn't always consistent. Basically I learnt you can spell it either way - so everyone is a winner!!! A bad speller's win for that. 


I've been meaning to make my own hummus for a while now, the reason because buying hummus is around £1-£2 per pot!?!?! I know for 100% you can make your own for some much cheaper and tastes just as good (I think better because personal satisfaction tastes goooooood too!). 



Hummus can be had with anything and with this recipe means you can make a MASSIVE batch for so much cheaper then £1 a pot. Doesn't sound like a lot? Student budget needs to make cuts somewhere, but I sure as hell won't be giving up my creamy sauce. 

Why butterbeans? Yes, chickpeas are usually the base ingredients for hummus. However I love butterbeans so for me it was a natural choice. They're super creamy, I love the taste and found experimenting with them really great. So enough chitchat.... HERES THE RECIPE. 




- 1 x 400g tin of butterbeans
- 2 tbsp of tahini

- water (amount varies of texture preference)

- 3 tbsp of lemon juice 

- 2 tsp of paprika 

- 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar

- 5 tsp coconut oil (melted) 

- 1 tsp of lazy garlic (or 1 glove) 



1) Add the socked butterbeans (if in tin they're already socked) into a blender/ hand mixer- blitz this until mush.

2) Add the 1 tbsp of tahini and 3 tsp of coconut oil and mix

3) Add 2 tbsp of lemon juice and mix
4) Add all paprika, apple cider vinegar and garlic and mix (with hand mixer for smoother results than hand)

5) Add 1tbsp of tahini left  and the 2 tsp of coconut oil left and mix

6) Add as much water until texture looks thick and creamy


Storage Information

Ready to store in a air-tight container for 4-5 days
(warning: may loose slight moisture - however add a dash of water and stir in to recombine creamy consistency)




Simply Martha x












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