Be:Fit 2018 a year on...

May 13, 2018

2017 was my first Be:Fit experience and although very hard to do a completely direct comparison between the two events, because I was such a different person with a different attitude towards health and fitness then. However, I did love the fitness convention so much so, I was rushing to get back this year and soak it up all again with free foods, workouts and educational talks. Last year I hadn't actually heard of Be:Fit until the last minute where my mom and I (very spontaneously) decided to get a last minute ticket and go.


This was the moment and realisation that the way I was eating and attitude towards health was complicity misconstrued. It brought reality back to me. So if from a parents point of view you're worried that your child is going to a 'preachy, pro- anorexic, cult' type event.... be surely mistaken! Be:Fit is a very healthy, empowering fitness convention that is bringing health and fitness into a world that is sustainable, balanced and fun. The event filled with tons of vendors all providing free food (of course!) lots of sampling, flyers to collect, products to purchase and so many freebies! You certainly get you money back with just the amount of freebies you get! Another great was to try products that are already out there without the fear of buying it and hating it. I see so many different brands at Be:Fit that I have heard of, but worry when going to buy it in the shop that I won't like it (we have all been there). Great time of Be:Fit to help you 'try before you buy' approach. 


It wouldn't be a fitness  event without of course... WORKOUT CLASSES! From yoga to HIIT. there is something for everyone. The event bring many different fitness studies from London and do 'taster' sessions from their studios. Spin classes from Digme, F45 training sessions, and so many more. This year I managed to book a place on to UN1T 'Squadron' classes. A new workout the combines teamwork with competition. One of the reasons I was excited about this class is because the philosophy go the studio - 'We train as one'. There is something that resinates within me about this phiopshy of training. The instructors are pretty intense too, but again, that's a style of coaching I prefer! As I said, there are tons of classes to do, pick the one that you enjoy or a studio you may want to test out their classes before you become a member? Be:Fit is just one way of sampling before you commit to a brand, studio, product... How great?!


Lasting the other big part about the event... The Talks. To go to Be:Fit doesn't necessarily mean you have to go knowing the speakers (for example, following them on social media). As long as you go with an open mind, you'll learn a LOT from people within the fitness industry whether that be a doctor, brand, entrepreneur, social media expert, chiefs. There are a lot of people that you'll get inspired from. Especially if you're interested in going down a fitness route then there will be someone there that you can relate to whether that be a personal trainer, business, brands, blogger, medical profession. 


Overall, Be:Fit is one the the biggest, positive and fun fitness conventions around. It caters more towards beginners whethether you're just starting out on your fitness journey for nutrition or exercise or both! Beware that at EVERY convention there will always be products and speakers who (cough cough) might need to take their advice/ product with a pinch of salt. The fitness industry is HUGH for a reason. It's easy to pray on 'venerable' people who may not know better, I was a naive person before. Not saying I know it all, but I can tell a product that is worth investing in / good for me. Not everything in the fitness and health world is actually healthy for you. Sadly events like this can bring a few 'black sheep' into the mix (but I have to say Be:Fit are extremely good with not letting too many of theses being showcased!).




I hope you enjoyed my review on Be:Fit 2018. 


Happy Human,


Simply Martha x








Meeting my role model and inspiration for good

nutrition! Rhiannon Lambert - Harley Street nutritionist. 



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