Healthy Habits at University

April 4, 2018

University, everyones experience is different. Understandable. Not one person, whether we attend the same university or not will have the same thoughts or feeling about the place. University was also going to be somewhere I wanted to carry on who I was (or becoming) especially when incorporating a healthy lifestyle which isn't associated with university very often (first thing when you think of uni?) I can guarantee what you thought of wouldn't have been words you would associate with my ethos and lifestyle choice. Which as we know, is absolutely fine- because there is no right or wrong way to be at university. As long as you make it what you want it to be... then you're doing well. 

As I said before, because university can create more unhealthier habits of takeaways, nightouts and bad hangovers. I want to give advice on how you can create healthier ones (to either combat the hangovers or as a alternative like me!). Of course you're welcome to create your own, but starting somewhere is always tricky, so that this as some inspiration for you...


Wake up 5 minutes before you have to actually get out of bed

Now I don't mean so you can spend 5 minutes scrolling social media (which always end up being 15 minutes away!) but take this time to make a list or plan for the day. Do you want to finish off particular work or assignments- even if it gives you a change to organise your life and time management. Like me on Mondays- I have so many lectures and after uni activities to do it takes me just 5 minutes to plan travel times, when I 'm going to eat (I'll carry on this point in a second!) or even gives you a change to plan a workout or down time. A lot goes on at university, especially if you want to have a balance between social, uni work and you time. So making sure you can productively fit it all in takes a little planning of only 5 minutes.


Always have an empty glass

Despite at home where you end up having loads of empty glasses in your room, and your mom is wondering who took all the glasses (guilty!) having a permanent empty glass  that is designated for you room only means you can always have water in you room- if like me, you're on the top floor of a three story house, going to the kitchen every time you want a drink can be a pain and therefore you don't bother getting that drink. But I don't have to harp on about how important it is to stay hydrated..  


Healthy Snacks EVERYWHERE


From my previous post (Healthy snacks for students) I think 
having healthy snacks everywhere- a mountain of an endless supply, I think is important to always have for when you're on the go, or you're feeling bored (which happens a looooot at university!) to stay away from snacking on crisps or chocolate (okay in moderation, of course) however to snack on it everyday, is not good (nor healthy!!). I highly recommend reading my post about finding healthy snacks that are cheap too! I'd be lost without my staple snack items. 


Walkabouts and talk time


Promised your mom you would ring her? Need a chat back at home? Have to make an important call to the bank and have been putting it off (because NO ONE likes talking on the phone)? One of my favourite habits about university is fitting two things in one. Being both healthy and productive- I mean is there anything better! Getting fresh air and moving your body after a full day of lectures is both health for mind and body (READ this NHS article to prove why -NHS Article ) And for me on a walk I like company (sometimes) which means having a conversation with family or making an important call you've been putting off can be the best time to do it. I love having a catch up with my mom and being able to go for a walk as I'm going it makes me feel 1) energised, as I'm moving, 2) replicates our walks we did at home 3) catching up on important news and keeping in contact is both good for me and home. Even doing important 'adulting' jobs is great time too. University can make anyone really busy and push back the 'less important' things. However, a quick 10 minute walk and catch up with your parents or sorting out your bank account is another job ticked off the 'to do' list - AND it's a healthy way of fitting in some exercise. 10,000 steps a day? With mine and mom's phone conversations thats not even a challenge (but speaking to the bank- lets get that over and done with!!). 


Food Planning

This helps save money, start planning those healthy meals (you've promised yourself for weeks now!) and it means the worry or stress of 'I don't know what to cook' is taken away. Is it sad that this is part of my favourite time of the week is planning what I'm going to eat? perhaps- but again, as i've mentioned you can be two types of student: the busy one or the lazy one. Like me, busy student doesn't always have a lot of time- this is why I plan (like tip 1) and this is why food planning saves me even more time. And helps with staying healthy, using up the foods you actually buy (I cannot tell you the amount of food wastage that happens- this is my biggest fury about some people!!) and so much money literally shown in the bin, no student can afford to waste money. Trust me!


Don't give up on fun

Admittedly, there was a part of me that thought I shouldn't carry on with Simply Martha or produce the amount of content during exams or stressful periods at university. It had then occurred to me that, only surrounding myself with uni work isn't healthy for me. Getting rid of everything that makes me happy but isn't necessarily a 'priority' will only make my time at university a sad and mirsarble one. University is so much more than the course. So whether that be a society, going out a once* a week, or simply having a night in with your friends watching netflix- as long as you can organise yourself and its doesn't add to the stress- DO IT.

*not endorsing every night!

Don't forget that to make university sustainable and enjoyable for yourself, you 
 must keep in those elements that make you happy. For me this is Simply Martha, drinking coffee in cute cafes and going to the gym- so you know what.... IM GOING TO CARRY ON WITH THEM!



Honest and simple,


Simply Martha x







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