February 14, 2018



With me


Happy Valentines days to my favourite person ever, you make me my best self, you make me happy, you make me actually smile, You make everyday a joy to be around and you make me feel good about being myself. Oh wait... THAT'S ME!?!?


Sounds cocky? Why should it! Not enough people actually say they like themselves.  Honestly, that can be a set back from actually being happy with who you are. It sounds really naive and innocent, but actually it makes me incredibly strong, caring and passionate person because I care about myself, and do you know what... AINT NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!!! (although this can come across as being incredibly self involved😅). But that isn't the aim of this post. 


I always imagine what would I be like as a friend to me? Would I like my own company? Do I make myself laugh? Do I listen to myself? Surely the answers to that should be yes? I won't lie and say yes, I am always the best friend to myself- sometimes I don't listen to me (and this can be when I overeat and feel rubbish). But do you know what, I always learn (sometimes I have to learn the same lessons a few times, MARTHA STOP OVEREATING WHEN YOU'RE FULL!!!)


A few things I remember that helped me become my own best friend....

-Stay true to yourself 
Do things that make you happy- whether other people get it or not.... IT DOESN'T F**KING MATTER they should have no concern about who you are. you are there to please YO SELF and not them💁👏. 



and yes if this means singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T 100 times a day to get the message across then do it! If you don't truly like yourself, and become a decrutictive person mentally and physically to yourself then nobody else will help you. You must look after yourself first, others second. There is nothing wrong with having it that way round. It is selfish- yes.... But you as a person lasts your own lifetime whereas others will come and go. 


-Laugh and let go
Honestly, I genially think if I had a camera follow me you'd just see me end up laughing at myself for all the stupid moments, comments and terrible decision makings I do. But they're the moments I love because I don't have to impress anyone, I'm being my true self and in those moments are so precious as these days I feel people are always either truing to impress others whether on social media, meeting new people (or regular friends you may feel intimidated by?) but when do you have that moment when you can truly relax and let go? Wait it doesn't? LETS CHANGE THAT!


- Rely on yourself more

Don't get me wrong, I think relationships are great and can boost both confidence, mental health and bring overall joy. But it does take away your independence- as this is where you gain that confidence within yourself that you don't need from others (again, not in a cocky or arrogant way).  When you lose that self confidence and reliability within ones self- you then loose a part of you. Because we are grow up as individuals, thats how you develop you personality. Therefore relying on someone else for inner strength, in a way, takes that part of you away. Something to think about on that one....


Therefore this Valentines day, I will treat my self and be the best friend to me!!! Self love goes such a long way, and once you do find someone or you have already found them, 
you'll feel so much more secure as a person because you are YOU and you will love that about yourself- and therefore anything that person's bring to your life is something you already know, because you'll love yourself before they do!


Self love and care.... That's what makes me smile. 


Honest and simple, 


Simply Martha 🌞🌻 x


Because I'm never not laughing with myself....








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