Running For Dummies

February 5, 2018

My previous post 'Reasons to run'  stats why I love love love running so much, and why I am passionate to promote running and get more of you lot out there! 


Running compared to other sports and hobbies, is really quite simple; no membership fees, your surroundings, no travel costs. I'm not saying running has to be something you want to improve upon for example if you want to run the same route and time every week with no element of progression... THATS TOTALLY OKAY! 


However some tips I’ve learnt through my time of running that will help for the newbies of the running club (or if you want to consider it but have no idea where to start) or even individuals that have been running for years to improve their time out on your runs. Listen up and take notes. 


Shoes, Glorious, Shoes.


I cannot shove this point more aggressively down your throats (sorry to sound so insistent and a little scary) but I stress this because having a good pair of trainers is IMPERATIVE to good running. Not only for looking fabulous (because lets be real- that’s a good point too😉) but it will help prevent massive damages to knee, foot and back problems. Because as we know running is a demanding sport physically so we need to look after our body. Not that we need excuses to buy more shoes, right, but a study concluded that having multiple pairs of good running showing decreases your chance of injury by 39% . Not sure how to get fitted? Running shops are designed so they sample how your feet move (sounds silly but its very insightful!😄💭) and will find the best shoes that fit your running style. 


Feed Me (Seymour)!

Clearly I am running a musical theatre theme here?!?!😂


To eat or not to eat, that is the question? Ive always struggled with this answer and this depends on a few factors. I prefer to run first thing on a Sunday morning #sundayrunday therefore I don't like to wake up earlier to eat, wait an hour and then run. I just like to get dressed and gooooo......

I train fasted and this works for me. This has taken me a while to get my body used to this state and utilise the fuel I already have. For some people this won't work, either because they run later on in the day or they can't run without fuel. What works for me might not work for you, so try and find what works best in terms of eating and training times. If you do plan on fuelling before a run- I recommend eating LIGHT (ain't nobody got time for a stitch, ouch!!) some suggestions;

- Banana

- Oat bar

- Have you tried my energy ball recipe? (LINK)

- Cottage cheese and fish sticks (just me?🙋😏) 

Give at least 30-40 minutes after for digestion. 


I Hope That You, BURN

A little Hamilton reference for ya😜


I love a challenge. I love beating my own PB's (I even cheered on a run when I beat my won PB! WITH WITNESSES😂😂) Pushing myself and feeling the burn is part of my enjoyment for all exercise, especially running. Not everyone feels this same pleasure and progressing your running isn't for everyone. I'm not the best at setting a progressive plan and following it... my annoying little voice in my head just wakes up and says 'lets do 7 miles' half way through it'll speak again 'actually do 8 miles' and before you know it I'm running up to 9 miles. I just love being competitive against myself, although sometimes I really find myself annoyingly frustrating!! from doing 3 miles to 8 it's all about adding 'frills' (my little word for adding extra ground). Remember even adding 0.3/0.5 is progression! As long as you keep track and add more on each run, progression will come.


Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme 

Get on up it's bobsled time!


This is my biggest motivator on a run! I try and change my playlist every 2 to 3 months (so I don't get bored) and have a massive variety of rhythms and sounds! Make sure to keep your music interesting to you and something that's going to make you keep going, even when it's hard😅 I've only ever ran with overhead earphones, but they work really well for me (would recommend). Remember that music has also proven to help destress! 


Nowhere to Run to, Baby

(that one is for you dad!)


I'm both someone who likes to know where I am running to which helps me zone out and not worry about getting lost..

On the flip side, I sometimes love the adventure of running off on unmarked land to flee into an escape world of newly seen terrain (oooh how fantasy of me🌟) Finding (or not finding) a route that has a safe pathway or clear pavements (as running on main roads is scary and unsafe believe me!). Also picking the right time of day that makes the same route different. Example- At home, part of my run is without a safe pathway (please try to avoid this) so when I run this route, in the early mornings it's far safer and fewer cars, making it more accessible for me to run then if I was to run during the rush hour of traffic and busy roads. Equally, sometimes I find having an 'audience' can enhance my motivation and enjoyment - therefore to go for a run when there are lots of people could be a better time for you. There re no rules- do you do you!


An easy way of tracking your routes is simply by using apps on your phone. For me I've been using the Nike+Run Club for a year or so and its a great app which you simply input how many miles you want to do and at each mile it tells you yours states of minutes per mile, average pace, how long you've got to go and how many you have done (I have to say the lady is very motivating!!). Any app will do but personally I love love love this one!


As I've said previously, running really is a mental and physical game changer- so don't be put off by intimating distances or running with watchers around👀 Running is one of those few times where you can disconnect from social media, life problems (and it's great for procrastination too!- I somehow always seem to do my longest runs when I have a essay deadline lurking🙆)  




Put yo trainers on and run!


Honest and simple, 


Simply Martha 🌞🌻 x






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