Student Savers: Snacking like a boss

February 25, 2018

the big ol' debate between whether snacking is actually good or bad for you? As Ive already mentioned in a previous big post- #listentoyourbody. I think it's the same when it comes to snacking, if you feel hungry surely its more 
beneficial to eat then feel hangry (hungry and angry) and have potentially a bingeing session. I used to really forbid having snacks, thought if I did it would wreck my progress. Now, at university, snacks is what keeps me fuelled, happy and motivated throughout the somewhat long days. I even have a healthy snack basket in my room to grab when I need that pick me up when writing assignments (honestly having healthy, convenient snacks is a MUST!)

The awkward moment when you drop them conveniently on the floor but when it comes to sharing my snacks- it's just not going to happen.... 


Don't get me wrong, fruit is a great snack but for me it NEVER keeps me full... so why preach snacks that will ultimately leave you feeling hungrier? That’s not the point of a good snack!

Being a student is already a limiting task when it comes to buying foods, let alone preparing snack ideas too! It can seem like snacks as a added expense that might not seem useful, however compare buying that extra kebab on a night out healthy snacks are far better and cheaper (I mean a greasy kebab is noway worth your money or health). 


Savoury snacks


I've never been a savoury snacker, however for someone that can 'overdo' the sweet stuff (only sometimes) this is when a savoury snack can save me from a sweet coma.


Hard boiled eggs
This is actually a great choice because you can either prepare a box full of them or make them then and there. Eggs is super cheap, it only takes a 6-8 minutes and if you're anything like me, have the enjoyment of peeling the egg (which is a good little distraction for 5 minutes!!) 


Food Doctor Full of Bean Mix 


What I love about this brand is that it is what it is... A
bag full of good ol roasted beans- sounds boring? NOOOO.
It's super tasty and flavoursome (a few different flavours) great protein snack, healthy fats and I like it because you can constantly pick and nibble (which helps me feel full).


Graze Smokehouse Barbecue Crunch


Similar to the food doctor, although Graze include roasted peas, corn chip and giant corn. It’s ingredients aren't quite as natural as the food doctors however is great in flavour and this packet lasts me weeks. 

Hungry in lectures- stuff a little tub box full of these beans and peas!



Crackers, cottage cheese and fish stick combo


Will I ever shut up about this ensemble? Probably not!
Okay okay, I know I've mentioned this a lot over my blog, but I preach because it's that good. I like this because it really does fill me up and I love the combination of protein, little fat and some carbohydrate. It also curves this cravings (because like a drug, I keep wanting more!!) Did I mention how cheap fish sticks are? 




 Because getting someone to capture the moment of pure true love- it's just magic..







Hippeas Crisps


Crisps healthy? HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've always preached this, but healthy doesn't mean you can give up on your favourites. Crisps have been a staple item in my diet since primary school within my pack lunches, and admittedly I didn't have them for years as majority of crisps aren't the most nutritious. Introducing Hippeas, crisps made from chickpeas. High in fibre and protein . Gluten, dairy and corn free and NO TRANS FAT! Making this snack the ultimate boss. 



Roasted chickpeas

So as i'm on the subject of chickpeas, buy a tin, turn on the oven, sprinkle some chickpeas in a over-proof tin, sprinkle your seasoning of choice (I usually opt for a smoked paprika or sea salt), leave in oven for 15-20 minutes. NOW YOU HAVE A HEALTHY SNACK! Simple and cheap as chips (peas.... was that funny?!) I'm a little obsessed with this recently. 



Sweet Treats

My sweet tooth friends, the moment of the healthy sweet treat time is upon us and I'm so excited.


 Apple wedges + berry fruit compote
Although I said before, fruit doesn't necessarily fill me up as a snack alone, I often may have this as a after dinner snack (also known as dessert!) Simply cut up and apple into wedges, added some frozen mixed berries in a bowl, microwave for about 30 second intervals (do not let it bubble over- its a mess to clean up!!), until its liquid. Dunk and eat. I love the cold and hot combo- it makes my heart fill with warmth. 


My energy protein bliss balls


If you haven't seen my energy ball recipe, then I highly recommend them, they're simple, easy to make, healthy and you can make LOADS for such a little cost.  Healthy fats, high protein and a source of carbs... Why wouldn't you make them?!



I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HOOKED ON A BRAND LIKE I AM WITH BOUNCE. Although a little more expensive then making your own energy balls, these high in protein and all natural ingredients with zero cane sugar. I am seriously addicted to them. 

my fave flavours are

-Almond Kale

-Almond Spirulina 

-Beetroot Cashew


Frozen banana and dark chocolate
Simply freeze a banana, take out and out in a microwaveable bowl with some dark chocolate squares, heat for about 45seconds until slightly liquid, mix together. BOOM a banana chocolate heaven. This is a serious game changer for my sugar cravings. I love that it kind of resembles melted ice cream (which I prefer- just me?).


I hope this has give you some snackspiration, and hopefully will get you out of a cake/coffee spiral we can all be trapped in when it comes to bad snacking (okay as a treat every now and again) but for a full time snacker like me, I can't always have cake everyday!  


And to quote my fave musical right now.. 'I make no apologies, THIS IS ME!!'


Snacking + me = forever!


Honest and simple,


Simply Martha 🌞🌻 x


Because I thought I would offer.... then I remembered they're mine😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏








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