Reasons to Run.

January 1, 2018

Reasons to Run.



Running. In recent years running has become one of the most popular sports with over 2 million people running every week*. Everyone has a different motivation for running; pleasure, keep fit, travel (I see a lot of running for the bus or missing the traffic whilst crossing the road, mainly myself!), old habits from school, new challenges even a social aspect (how people can talk and run is beyond me).


Personally running for me has always been a medicine. One of the best prescriptions I’ve been recommended to me from my mom, which I have adopted into my weekly routine for about 3 years. Do I plan on stopping? WHY WOULD I!



Running has been proven to improve mental state and functionality. This year a programme on channel 4, Mind Over Marathon, showcasing why mental health suffers thrives off physical exercise, especially running. As someone who suffers with mental health I can also vouch that running ALWAYS significantly enhances my mood and overall performance of the day.





I’m not quite sure what makes it feel so exhilarating about running. The cold air through my hair or the music blasting that I can run to the rhythm. Maybe it’s the achievement of beating a personal best or even the smug feeling when I’ve gone running before my mom (we are both competitive when it comes to who’s gone for a run and who hasn’t!) A huge combination of all those reasons as to why I love it.

Being able to connect with other runners is another network of people that’s different with other exercises (because we boost their achievement for going for a run) it's brilliant! Part of this exclusive run club- anyone can join, just stick on some trainers and get out there!


Over the years, like many, there will be some runs that you LOVE (😍) every step feels better than the last, you pace well, every songs speaks to you like Beyoncé was personally singing just for this run. And runs you will HATEEEEE…. It hurts, you can’t get into a rhythm, you end up basically running to get back home asap! Sadly, the nature of the beast with running.

The reasons I run

1- I enjoy venturing out around surroundings (it's a free way to do exploring)

2- I feel physically fitter and healthier.

3- I mentally feel happier (that post run buzz is my fave🐝)

4- It gives me a chance to reconnect with myself and helps declutter thoughts and feelings

5- I get to listen to music that's motivating and have a singalong!!!



I felt inspired after watching Mind Over Marathon, so I decided I wanted a challenge. Get me out of my comfort zone. Both mentally and physically. I AM RUNNING IN THE BATH HALF MARATHON 2018!!!!!😱😅😜😛🙆😲😆 I am so excited that I'll be running not only for myself, but for a charity that really represents why I run... Rethink Mental Health is a charity that helps rethink the image and stigma that mental health is often thought of. I run for my mental health, and now I get to run my biggest challenge for others with mental health. IM SO BLOOMING EXCITED!! 


If you can sponsor me, I would really appreciate any donation to help support a illness that effects 1 in 4. Making mental illness something that affects a looooooot of people (either through personal effects or association). 


Please Please Please support something that I am so very passionate about and that will be effecting you (maybe without realising it)💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


My just giving fundraising page- Simply Martha Runs For Mental Health 


Honest and Simple,


Simply Martha 🌞🌻 x 




“IT’S THE ENDORPHINS”- Just for you mom!



* BBC article  


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