Afternoon Tea @ Deliciously Ella's Seymour's Place

December 15, 2017


 As a tradition towards the end of the year, my Dad and I always make a big effort (not that it's hard when it comes to food!) to celebrate the end of the year achievements with a afternoon tea of our choice. I can't lie... The Ritz last year was pretty impressive. The godfather of all afternoon teas was something of a beautiful masterpiece. 



As you can imagine finding somewhere that was going to top that was going to be tricky. Not that life should always be about one event to out do another, therefore end up only comparing from one occassion and never really appreciating anything. For this year, because of my healthy living lifestyle, finding a afternoon hot spot was going to be somewhat challenging. 


As I've said before, just because you want to eat healthy doesn't mean you can't do anything that doesn't fit that criteria. IT'S A LIFESTYLE, not a fad diet!!! It's totally okay to indulge especially when it's a special occasion, which for Dad and I this certainly is💫


I've been a fan of Deliciously Ella (Ella Mills) food and story for about a year (I received her first cookbook christmas 2016 as I started out my healthy living). I was so excited when I was able to bag a spot in a very exclusive afternoon tea evening at her cafe in Seymour's Place. Deliciously Ella is a vegan, all natural, healthy based food using quality and fresh produce, which can really be sensed through the amazing textures and tastes of food we sampled. 


Our menu consisted of many vegan treats including; 




Cucumber Rye Sandwiches

Mini Courgette, Basil & Piquillo Pepper Savoury Muffins

Seared Polenta with Sweet Potato & Cashew Paté 


MaE Cake Bites

Scone, Coconut Yogurt & Red Berry Jam

Vegan Christmas Mince Pies 



Unlimited Tea

Glass of Prosecco (optional) 




Deliciously Ella is a big name in the health, vegan cooking community. So to be able to eat her recipes and flavours was exciting especially for someone that has followed her for some time. Therefore you know you're getting quality ingredients and prepared food that is there to rock your taste buds (which it did👅😍). 


If you're looking for a healthy, gluten free, vegan, sugar free, all natural afternoon tea (believe me finding all this is hard to come by!). Then this is certainly ticking all those boxes. As I've said many times before... being healthy and having good health, it's vital that you have a balanced diet (as well as head!). To be able to treat yourself once in a while, and enjoy it, is truly important. However, having a healthy treats can be just as tasty and satisfying, personally for me, I love it more!💖

Being able to find a place that doesn't compromise good health or taste, it's sometimes can be a miracle. Deliciously Ella's food and recipes certainly hit the spot for amazing flavours, not to forget, how she uses unique ideas and combinations of different ingredients that really renovate the vegan eating culture. The food does NOT taste blahhhh or boring!🙅 Especially coming from someone that is not vegan (more of a flexitarian😉). My Dad, who has never tried vegan food, or has no interest in becoming one, enjoyed the experience of trying the delicious new food too. 



Again, I hate to compare against apples and oranges, especially if the apples are the best of the best- you literally can't get any juicer, bigger or better. However, I have been to a less 'trendier' or 'main stream' venues that have provides us with a tower full of big scones, different varieties of sandwiches, layer and layers of endless food. I WANT TO FEEL FULL. I WANT A FOOD BABY. If you want to leave feeling that you're about to give birth (like the good kind of full not like you're about to pass out from the pain of a full tummy) then this isn't the pace to go. The expectations of a afternoon tea (for me at least) is to have a fortress of unlimited food, pouring from each plate. I want my eyes to be satisfied as well as my gut. I didn't feel the oversized, balloon shaped Martha I usually feel, maybe it was quite refreshing in a way? However for furture reference; this is made for a 'lighter' afternoon tea meal. 


Following from this point, the classic saying "you get what you paid for", I don't feel this was the case for Deliciously Ella. What you pay for is her name, the reputation of the health, vegan community, the exclusivity of the event. The dainty, pretty, petite portions don't quite add up to the price tag. As I said before, I'm not necessarily comparing this to the most extravagant afternoon tea I've been too, I'm comparing this to similar priced afternoon teas Ive already experienced. It just doesn't sit well (and I'm not talking about the food baby😏) that you get more for your money at other, less recognised places.  



Final Thoughts


Vegan? Healthy food? Refine sugar free? Natural? Well branded and reputable name? THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! Ella certainly lives up to expectations of her incredible tasting food and presentations. I can't deny this. Her cafes (which I'll list at the end) I highly recommend visiting them whilst in London. I'm obviously biased towards her breakfast menu (because breakfast is AMAZING!! *DROOLING*) which you neeeeeeedd to try. I demand it😉. 


I'd also recommend doing a little tradition, like my Dad and I to reflect upon the year. It honestly is a great way to review own personal growths strengths, and set goals on where you want to be. Don't make them like resolutions, because let's be real, they get broken before you even set them!!😅😂 Strive to be creative, little achievements.  Reflecting upon good moments throughout the year. Memories you have forgotten about (I'm the worst at remembering good things thats happened at the start of the year!). It really can make you smile and be proud of everything that's happened. Even to sadder times or moments where you feel it wasn't the best, were you proud of how you overcame them? How do you feel about them now? 

Honestly taking the time out to really think helps a lot.... Or at least for me it does😌


My top tip: the afternoon tea's are hosted once a month with limited spaces so book fast if you want a visit! 💛

I hoped you liked my little review on Deliciously Ella's Afternoon Tea. 


Keeping it honest and simple,


Simply Martha🌞🌻 x



Deliciously Ella's Cafes

|The Kitchen Couner// 288 Milkwood Road,Herne Hill, SE24 0EZ|

|Weighhouse Street Deli//18-20 Weighhouse Street,London, W1K 5LU|

|Seymour Place Deli//21 Seymour Place,London, W1H 5BH|



*All opinions are my own, this is not sponsored or a paid post*










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