5 Things I Want To Do In My First Year at University

September 19, 2017

So I nearly embark on the biggest journey, heading off into the world on my own as a fully-fledged 'adult' (internally laughing and crying moment😅😳) because University is right round the corner.


I know a lot of people before they go have envisions of who they will meet, what life will be like, how messy their night outs will be😂. And yes, whilst I worry or imagine slightly different things before I go, there are some things that personally I want to get better at/ learn at uni within my first year that isn't taught by a lecturer. As I said in my first blog post (ahhh how long a go does that feel) I'm not part of the 'I 💛 Change Club' however I am excited of course for this massive life event to begin, after all if I didn't leave I don't think my mom would want me living on the sofa eating all the foods for the next 20 years... So this is a step I must take (don't worry mom!)


1. Be Smart... With Food


So this may sound really boring, but it's my favourite subject as you know (I mean I am literally studying it as a degree). I know that because of my lifestyle choice that the foods I buy is on the whole.... EXPENSIVE😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 And that's sadly the nature of the beast. Fresh foods just are sadly that little bit more pricey than a pot noodle  (which I will not be buying, because I mean read the labels and then you'll get it) Pot Noodles, Rice, Pasta etc are a good staple items for most students and don't get me wrong- some of which can be really healthy for you. However I do like to buy the more organic, fresher ingredients (I may sound so naive, and not be very realistic) as that's simply my preference. So being 'smart' with my food, I mean I want to get better at meal planning my food for the week, buy in bulk and store it for my kind of 'ready meals', forget about the use of 'sell buy dates' and use the old fashioned approach of - 'it'll be fine' (I sort of already do this- yes I'm disgusting #grublife) Really utilise my freezer and be able to create meals for weeks and store it there. This way I'll never have to worry about coming home from a busy day and think 'URGH I HAVE NO FOOD!' because I now know the importance of food, I never want to have a panic and think I have nothing to eat (worst nightmare!!!)


2. Join a Society *GO TEAM GO!*🙋


So joining a cheerleading squad was never part of your fantasy as a kid?!?! As cliche as cheerleading is with the big pom poms and knee high socks, joining a society is something I really look forward to, and would like to fully embrace the idea of meeting people and feeling part of a passion either to do with sport or social. I haven't played in a team sport in years and playing at school is completely different then choosing to take part in a sport you actually like (I mean I dreaded playing football with all my sulky heart, I HATED IT!!!). I may even find a passion or hobby I didn't even know I liked- how great would that be?!😛 


Fun Fact- My mom and dad met through a sport society at university (Thank goodness they did, otherwise they wouldn't of had the pleasure of me (their favourite child obvs😏)..... and my two brothers (*eyeroll* 😉).


3. 'The difference between a rut and a routine... is enjoyment'


Often when referring to a 'routine', some people find this boring and dull. Whereas some people thrive on knowing exactly what's going to happen, planning, organising - THIS IS ME.


For me, they make me feel comfortable, confident and make have the best time and enjoyment in whatever I am doing. Being in a rut is something I've experienced as this makes me sad, moody and frankly.. dislike anything I'm up too. The difference is, once I've found a certain set of activities and habits I like, it makes sense to repeat them because well.... I THEN ENJOY LIFE! At university I really want to find myself a routine I like, something that fits in well with my moods, needs and convenience (mostly practicality too!) I know once Ive found a routine that works for me, I'm unstoppable💪😆. I'm quite sad (I know) but I love knowing my bus drivers, finding a new running route, engaging the best time to go to the gym (I HATE SHARING EQUIPMENT) going to a local cafe and getting 'my regular'- THIS WOULD BE THE DREAM💗 I then can get the most out of my time at uni- I feel routines are often under-appriacted, but work really well for people (they just don't know it!).




Every time I say I'm moving to Bath for university the same response is said- 'Bath is so lovely'. From going to a small, unheard of village to a posh, bespoke city like Bath is a major culture change but wow I'm so excited to embrace the new vibe of a city with culture and amenities I've never had on my door step before. When my family come and visit me (which they will, I'll be begging😂) I want to be an expert in the city. I want to be proud of where I live. Showing them all the cool, unheard of areas that maybe tourist don't know about. I don't want to just live their, I want it to become my second home💛🏠


5. We Are Young- Fun


I felt this song was most appropriate for this last section. I'm only going to be 18, going off to university once. Fun is going to be something I make a priority whilst I'm there. If I don't want to do something because I won't gain any enjoyment out of it- I AINT DOING IT🙅 Yet, if I really want to go for a run at 5am around the campus because I get so much enjoyment having the campus to myself- THEN HELL YEAH I'LL DO THAT. If it makes me happy and I am having fun- then that's what I'll do. Why over complicate it?

I'm paying a lot of money to make memories, so I'll do that in the way that makes me have fun. (of course I'll still do the more 'normal' fun things too like go out in fancy dress etc because well thats part of being a student!). Overall- I'll define fun and enjoyment on my terms👏💁 #stayingsassysince'98


A little, easy read for this post- hopefully it will make anyone who is about to go to the big 'U' look forward to maybe the not so obvious things about uni a little more exciting to think about😄 


Until next time,


Simply Martha 🌞 x




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