Simply Martha's Guide to Exercise

July 31, 2017

'The only way to exercise is running, right?'- SINCE WHEN?

Why deprive yourself of the wonderful different ways to exercise that don't just consist of running for hours and hours on a treadmill (because even I would hate that!)

These days there are sooooo many different ways to get that body of yours moving. Exercise is honestly one of the best ways to not only get healthier physically, but shall I begin to praise the hella endorphins you get after that makes you feel like a fairy on top of the Eiffel Tower (so no one else has felt like that before?). The fitness industry has come up with literally a bible full of great choices of exercises that move different parts of the body, and have different responses. Now there is no excuse to say 'well i don't like running therefore i don't like anything else'. Sorry gurrll, but that's not gonna happen here!

Why should I exercise you ask?🙆


Do it for.....                                            Reducing blood pressure

Lowers Type 2 diabetes risk

Reduces body fat 


Keeps bones strong and healthy (meaning having a fewer problems later in life)


Keeps you social (gyms are full of people right! Even though the last thing I dot the gym is chat to people-😁) 


Boosts energy


Better sleep

Improves mood

Lowers anxiety 


I could go on and on.....

But here is a guide to different ways to exercise




Mr Joe Wicks is the man for this, the king of 'HIIT' workouts. To briefly explain HIIT this is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. This is where training works with a ratio of HIGH INTENSITY/LOW INTENSITY (for example 40 seconds on/ 20 seconds off (rest))  moves and the workout lasting between 10 minutes but no longer than 30 minutes. This can be an effective way to train if you don't have a lot of time or want a high energy workout. This kind of training only works when you work towards 75%+ of your maximum heart rate, otherwise the workout will not be as effective. This can be used for body weight exercises, treadmill, spin bike, sprints etc. 



-Speeds up resting metabolism of a 24 hour period

-Can be adjusted to your training preference

-Helps build lean muscle/ and strips body fat

-Doesn't require lots of time

-Body weight exercise+no equipment= FREE workout!



-Injury is higher (if not performed a warm up) because of the high intensity

-If not working at maximum effort the workout becomes less effective

-Doing this style of workout more than 4 times a week isn't safe (because of the high intensity)


To lose weight/body fat


Body weight Exercise


In the name, this is exercise only using your own resistance and body weight, examples of this is push ups, plank, crunches.... (lol the list is endless!) to further this type of training adding resistance bands is a great way to push you body even further! (invest in some! They're so great, and really to add an extra punch to your workouts👌) 



-No equipment 

-Can be done on holiday, home, work, parks or airports (you get the idea!)

-There are hundreds of different moves, therefore varying the workouts which keeps it interesting

-Great for beginners

-Can work different body parts

-Fab to do on rest days so it keeps your body active (without straining)

-Great for helping build your confidence with exercise at home first before you 'hiit' the gym (I'm trying to be punny! lol, nice try Martha😑)



-This exercise done on it's own isn't as effective (therefore needs to be combined with another style of training, if your goal is losing weight or making lean muscle gain)



To be toned

Lose weight

Muscle gain


Weight Training


Who said that weight training is for bulky men, drenching themselves in protein shakes and thin, low cut vest tops?!😂 Weight training can be a mixture of machine weights, free weights, dumbbells, barbells and kettle bells (#ringadingding) often with this training style you can add supersets and tri-sets making the workout burn more calories and gets the muscles working harder. (plus you get sweaty in heart beat💧) 




-Compound movements (i.e. deadlifts, hip thrusts) mean you work multiple body parts in one move (getting more for your exercise!)

-Builds muscle (no, you won't get bulky ladies I PROMISE!!💪)


-To add progression (this is vital to make muscle gain) you're going to need gym equipment

-Gym access is essential

-Having good form and technique is important so you get the most out of the exercise and reducing injury


Lose weight

Muscle gain

Staying lean

Cardio (LICT)

Cardio..... the one most people dread when it hits that day.  But so important to add this into your week at least twice a week for 20-30 minutes. Cardio or LICT (Low Intensity Continuous Training) the is when the intensity of the exercise is moderate to low but is done for at least 10+ minutes (beginners level) this can be done by running, rowing, swimming, skipping, stairmaster, spin bike, cross trainer or walking. Cardiovascular is performed to mostly make our heart healthier as it contracts more through a longer consistent workout.


-Makes your heart happy and healthy

-Great for loosing body fat

-Improves endurance and stamina

-Increased bone density


-High impact on joints (depending on which cardio choice you choose)

-Can be unmotivated if you don't a cardio choose you actually like (idk why you would do that but lol people do?????)

-Need to conduct a good warm up to prevent injuries

-Takes longer to perform


Losing weight


Boxing is one that is often forgotten about but it's such a great way to keep fit (whilst realising some inner anger, because yeah the price of avocados is something worth punching about!😏) This form of exercise is a great combination of cardio and resistance training- hitting two in one!


-De-stress exercise

-Low impact

-Burns CRAZY amounts of calories

-Full body workout

-Improves hand-eye coordination


-Need a partner

-Need equipment

-Needs proper technique and training advice


Lose weight

Make lean toned gains


Yoga/Pilates is all about using your own body to help stretch muscles, improve alignment and honestly.... CHILL OUT💨 training can take between 10 minutes and an hour (all dependant of your personal preference) most often it is taught by one person in a group (this is the best way to start for beginners). It is also great adding this style of training because it uses a lot of meditation and breathing techniques which can help with day to day life and also through other forms of training (i.e. Cardio).


-Improves flexibility

-Uses body weight strength

-Full body workout

-Low impact

-Meditation and relaxation techniques are used

-Strengthens core (which will help with other workout styles i.e. weight training)


-Injury is high because the range of movements is beyond our normal capabilities

-Most effective when doing a class

-Require our concentration and focus for full benefit


Maintain weight

Helps tone and strengthen body


Personally for me I like to split my workouts in a week between (x = times a week)


Body weight x4

Cardio x6 (varying between higher intensity and lower intensity)

Yoga/Pilates x2

Weight training x4

I obviously have rest days because resting your body is equally as important as active days (because this is when our body needs to recover and will ultimately make the progression that our bodies endure through the active days) however I do like being somewhat active so even just some walking or pilates will help my body relax and de-stress from the pressure it is put under throughout the weeks workout.

Well that's the end of my guide for workout styles, of course there are far more then I've mentioned but it would be the longest guide if i wrote every single way you could exercise, and that wouldn't be fun to read. 


Hoped you enjoy my guide and have found it useful💪


Unsure the best type of treadmill to invest in? A fabulous and in-depth review on which treadmill is best to use for particular type of exercises on the treadmill- have a read (REVIEWS). 


Until next time....


Simply Martha x


*As I've said i am not an expert in this field however, I have done my research and used my knowledge from my qualifications at school. But please feel free to comment any questions or extra exercises I didn't mention!😄*




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