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February 24, 2019

(Martha now.....)

This post is something very close to me. Why? For quite a long time, I struggled with my relationship with food. As I have shared already on Simply Martha, Orthorexia broke up the normal eating routine and turned it upsi...

February 3, 2019

Group Training: the exercise class

They often say, 'their is strength in numbers' and I feel the same when it comes to group training. I *admittedly* will say, I haven't always liked group training or classes. When I first star...

January 24, 2019

Everyone, no matter what job, occupation or life circumstance has an element of busyness they have to deal with. Of course, everyone has different levels of busyness they can deal with too. Whether you're holding down 3 jobs and a family...

January 4, 2019

Why everyone should consider themselves a 'real' runner. Break the stigma that running is only for athletes.

October 28, 2018

I was quite a regular sleeper in terms of waking up at a normal time of 7:30am and going to bed around 10/10:30pm. Nothing uncommon or particularly strange. It wasn’t until I reached a point of stress and struggling to fit life into such...

July 1, 2018

It's easy to preach. It's easy to advise it. Do you really do it though? REALLY? 

You'd be surprised about how much our bodies actually tell us- yet we don't understand what its trying to say. It can seem like such an easy statement and...

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