About me? What's there to tell...

Hiya there pal!


well, if you have clicked this page that only means one thing.... You're weird enough that you want to find more about me (that also makes you a tiny bit cool too 😉) Where to start???


I'm Martha and I am 19 years old (commonly mistaken for a 14 year old, meaning child train ticket #WINNING!).


Being healthy both physically and mentally is something that over difficult teenage years I found more and more important to have within my life. I know that I get this from good nutrition and keeping fit with regular exercise. I believe that true happiness is found doing what you enjoy without feeling judged or criticised. As someone who has suffers with mental health problems I know that my best medication is both the fuel of good, nutritious food and having exercise that makes me feel energised and strong.


I started my health-conscious lifestyle in 2016- during my last year of sixth form. I knew that eating well, lifting weights and running as much as I could, was a great distraction! I saw a huge difference in my mood, physical appearance and overall outlook on life. This euphoric feeling is something that has stuck with me and has now become my biggest passion and enjoyment of life. I wake up feeling motivation, strong and ready for the day- because of my healthy habits and equally healthy mind. For me, exercise and eating right has made me into the best version of myself and i'm so grateful to everyone that has helped me on the way to this lifestyle that makes me truly happy.


I want to eat nourishing foods, that heal and provide my body with nutrients that strengthens me as a person. Something really special I have learnt about eating healthy has taught me, is that I care and have a passion about different foods and I get truly excited about FOOD!


When it comes to the Simply Martha brand- I want to share the honestly, simplicity and natural way to be healthy. Honest foods. Simple advice. Happy humans!



About me...