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Why we find darkness when we don't step into brightness
I was controlled by not seeking anxiety - provoking adventures (Skydive Story).
I'm letting go of a few things...

8 Oct 2019

Okay, so whilst I won’t get extreme biological on this one, what I will say is this. The brain is so powerful, it doesn’t even und...

10 Sep 2019

Here was the moment I realised I was still controlled by fear. 

Anyone will tell you that anxiety, in the right time, place and con...

18 Aug 2019

I’ve gained empowerment by letting go…

This week, rather one day, I grew up. Not just grow but I grew up and outwards. My height to...

24 May 2019

Mental health. 

We all have a mental state to upkeep. For majority of people in the world, mental health can be maintained without...

8 May 2019

I’ve already spoken about having a busy life and learning to manage that. So maybe I feel a little silly and stupid that I am alre...

24 Apr 2019

Not that I’m speaking for everyone amongst my age group, and actually I’m still surprised at how many people I know my age that do...

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